Social Values

Revive Property Services’ Social Values

Revive Property Services prides itself on being a valued member of the community in Liverpool and the North West. Much of our credibility within the business sector is centred on our unwavering commitment to deliver strong social values.

We endeavour to incorporate social values into our everyday business operations. We believe businesses have a responsibility to ‘give back’ to society.

Members of Liverpool’s Social Enterprise Network

Revive Property Services are proud members of Liverpool’s Social Enterprise Network (SEN). By being a member of SEN we are helping to support the development and growth of entrepreneurship across the Liverpool City Region. Through our SEN membership, we are dedicated to engaging with social enterprises and enhancing their economic viability, social and environmental strategies and ultimately their contribution to the local economy.

Taster Days designed to provide unemployed people valuable work experience

Designed to give applicants some valuable work experience without affecting their benefits, Revive offers work-based Taster Days. Social housing tenants living in housing owned by social landlords in the North West, who currently don’t have a job, are welcome to attend our Taster Days. During these taster sessions, applicants can experience a day working for Revive, providing them with invaluable, hands-on knowledge of employment within the construction and property restoration and maintenance sector.

Anybody can apply to attend our Taste Days, regardless of age or experience.


Revive Property Services has teamed up with Sefton@Work, an organisation that offers a range of free and confidential job-related services for businesses and individuals in the Sefton area. Our collaboration with Sefton@Work includes having young persons placed with us to give them valuable work experience.

Helping youngsters get their foot in the construction industry

Paul Rimmer, one of Revive’s directors, is also currently involved with several partners in a project to set up a social enterprise designed at training young people and helping them find work in the construction industry. The social enterprise scheme will involve offering construction and administration placements within construction companies, alongside training for formal qualifications.

Helping the long-term unemployed back to work

As well as giving youngsters in the North West some valuable work experience, Revive is committed to employing individuals who have been out of work for long periods of time. Working alongside the local job centre, Revive is actively helping those who have been unemployed to long periods of time get off benefits and find work.

Sponsors of three junior football clubs!

Our active presence in the local community can be seen through our commitment to help Liverpool’s football-fanatic youngsters train and compete in football competitions.

We are the proud sponsors of three junior football clubs –  Knowsley Youth Football Club Under 9s, Derby Juniors Under 12s and SB Woolton Under 9s.

Revive is a driven company that’s experienced phenomenal growth in the few years we’ve been in operation. We believe businesses have a responsibility to share their success and put something back into the community. As you can see from the local enterprises and groups we support, Revive Property Services places a strong emphasis on social values and giving some of the most vulnerable in society the opportunity to succeed.