Wet rot, dry rot and damp proofing services

Under the guidance of our material supplier, Sovereign, Revive Property Services are now able to complete wet rot and dry rot treatment services, as well as damp proofing works. Working under the supervision of Sovereign, a UK leader and respected name in chemical damp-coursing throughout the whole of Britain, we are able to offer damp proofing services and the repairing of both wet rot and dry rot.

Wet rot and dry rot

Did you know that in domestic properties, wet rot and dry rot are the most common and serious causes of timber damage? If left untreated, both wet and dry rot can damage all types of timber, regardless of its age, and cause significant damage to a building.

Wet and dry rot is typically created by damp within a building, alongside poor ventilation, which provide the ideal conditions for fungal to attack timber. If the rot is left untreated, damage can escalate and pose as a significant problem to the safety and look of a building.

Revive Property Services can treat wet rot and dry rot quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, restoring timber back to a quality condition.

Damp proofing services

Working in conjunction with Sovereign, Revive offers high quality damp proofing solutions for both domestic and commercial buildings throughout the North West and beyond.

Damp is a common condition that affects properties across the whole of the UK. If left untreated, damp can quickly become more severe and lead to structural damage of a building, which can lower the value of a property.

Revive Property Services provides quality and effective damp proofing works.

For an effective damp proofing course in the North West, contact the Revive Property Services team, which will work with you to help resolve issues related to wet rot, dry rot and damp affecting the condition of your property.