Minor Concrete Repairs and Lateral Restraint Works

In line with our supplier guarantees, Sovereign, Revive Property Services provides minor concrete repairs and lateral restraint works on domestic and commercial buildings throughout the whole of the North West.

Minor Concrete Repairs

Minor concrete damage can quickly transpire into major concrete problems, if left unattended and unrepaired. Working alongside Sovereign, specialists in manufacturing quality products for concrete repair, Revive can repair minor concrete problems on properties in the North West.

Our team of property repair specialists will come and assess your property, evaluate the damage, and offer the necessary minor concrete repairs, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lateral Restraint Works

Bowing walls and other lateral restraint issues are common problems created by the ‘movement’ of buildings. If left unrepaired, such problems can lead to severe structural damage within a building, such a walls separating, staircases becoming damaged, internal plasterwork coming loose and masonry cracking.

Walls becoming bowed are a common cause of insufficient lateral restraint. Under the guidance of our material supplier, Sovereign, Revive Property Services will assess and carry out the necessary lateral restraint works to overcome problems such as bowing walls and cracked masonry.

Being experienced in property repair, Revive will carry out comprehensive and high quality lateral restraint works to a building, ensuring that walls are sufficiently tied into the ceiling and floor joists. Without adequate lateral restraints, a building will be vulnerable to the structural changes movement creates and could run the risk of collapsing.

To discuss our minor concrete repairs and lateral restraint works in greater detail and see how we can help make your property safer and less exposed to damage, get in contact with Revive Property Services.