It’s a thumb’s up for Revive Property Services in July!

July has been and gone in the blink of an eye and was another busy and productive month for the Revive Property Services’ team.

We’re delighted to have completed the Blacon Adventure Playground project.  In recent weeks, we’ve been working on refurbishing a workshop, office and toilet block facilities at the Blacon Adventure Playground in Chester.

The refurbishment project began in early June and involved our experienced team of refurbishment experts renovating the workshop and toilet facilities at the adventure playground to a high standard.

The renovation job included the removing of existing plaster and stud partitions, the installation of new stud partitions to create workshop areas and a new office. We also completely rewired the electrics in the building, installed new doors and a kitchen area and re-plastered throughout.

Having completed the project in just a matter of weeks and to a quality standard, Revive has enjoyed a lot of great feedback about the renovation project.

The timely and quality completion of the Blacon Adventure Park refurbishment project is yet further testament of Revive Property Services’ professionalism and our ability to follow briefs and complete projects on time and to a high standard.

Having been selected for the project in the first place, the Blacon Adventure Park refurb job also shows how Revive is playing a central role in helping develop and maintain important community features in the North West.

Accepted onto the Mears Group framework of sub-contractors

Other exciting news Revive Property Services is keen to share is the fact we have just been accepted onto the Mears Group framework of sub-contractors.

Similar to our own ethics, it is Mears’ vision to “make a positive difference to the communities we serve…. by improving homes, improving communities and improving lives.”

Mears prides itself on working with individuals and organisations that share a commitment to working in the community to make a positive different to people’s lives.

Revive Property Services share similar strong social values, driven by being a valued member of the Liverpool and wider North-West community. By giving youngsters and those in less privileged positions an opportunity to gain work experience and helping the long-term unemployed back to work, Revive prides itself, like Mears, on ‘giving back’ to society.

Social housing maintenance and repair

The Mears Group is a nationally-recognised housing and social care provider, which repairs and maintains over 700,000 homes across Britain. In fact, Mears is the second largest home care provider in the country.

By accepting Revive Property Services as a sub-contractor by Mears, proves we deliver repair and maintenance works on social housing buildings to a high standard.

Being a national organisation, which repairs and maintains thousands of homes across the UK, also means our alliance with Mears could open up new opportunities for the Revive team to work in other areas of the country.

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, friendly and ethical property repair, maintenance and refurbishment company in the North West or even further afield, get in touch with Revive Property Services today.

Contact our friendly team to discuss our different services and how we can make a difference to your home, building and, in a broader sense, your lives.