Revive Property Services moves into a new office in Aintree

With the kids off school and staff and clients jetting off to sunnier climes, August is traditionally a quieter month for business. Though not for the Revive Property Services team, which has, during the last few weeks, been busy relocating to our new office in Aintree.

It might be early days in the office but we have to say we’re delighted with the move. Not only does the Aintree office give us more room to provide high quality property repair and maintenance services, but it also puts us in a convenient position to offer dependable services to social landlords, private landlords, property developers and commercial property owners across the whole of the North West.

The move into new premises is also testament Revive’s ongoing success and just how far we have come since founding just three years ago and operating out of the back of a car!

Almost every month we are taking on new clients and adding to our pool of talented staff to keep up with the high demand for quality property repair and maintenance services in the North West.

Business growth in Liverpool

Revive Property Services is also proud to be part of the admirable business growth that’s positively affecting Merseyside and to be at the forefront of the fast-growing firms located in Liverpool.

Earlier this year a report found that Liverpool is home to the biggest proportion of companies experiencing rapid growth in the whole of the UK. The study by the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) found that there are as many high-growth firms in Britain as there was during the early 2000s in the dotcom boom and that Liverpool is producing more successful companies than all other areas in the UK.

The Telegraph describes what’s required for a company to be regarded as ‘fast-growing’:

“Fast-growth firms are regarded as a bellwether for the economy because they create a disproportionately large number of jobs compared with the average company. To be classified as “fast-growing” they must have increased staff numbers by at least 20pc over the last three years and employ a minimum of 10 people.”

We have to admit that the increasing number of talented staff we are taking on to help cater for the growing number of clients coming on-board each month, not to mention winning the ‘Property Company of the Year Award’ at this year’s Downtown In Business City of Liverpool Business Awards, and our recent move to better premises, certainly puts Revive Property Services at the forefront of Liverpool’s burgeoning business success.