Preserving and improving the community spirit of the North West: Revive embarks on an exciting community refurb project in Chester

May was another busy but successful month for Revive Property Services. The team have been working hard securing new business and working on a diverse range of exciting projects.

We are delighted to have won a tender to refurbish a workshop and toilet block facilities at the Blacon Adventure Playground in Chester. The Revive team started work on the refurbishment project last week.

The Blacon Adventure Playground is a fantastic community scheme, which is highly regarded within Chester and the vicinity. The playground is a fully staffed open access adventure play facility, which is managed directly by Avenue Services.

Situated on Kipling Road, Blacon, the playground comprises of adventurous play structures, an urban farm, environmental play areas, a children’s garden, indoor workshops and a large indoor space.

Blacon Adventure Playground was opened more than 40 years ago. It is driven by a community ethos and encourages children and young people to get involved in the upkeep and success of the park by contributing ideas and suggestions on how to improve and develop the facility.

Revive Property Services is honoured to have been selected to work on the refurbishment of such an important community scheme in Chester. Our refurbishment team are now fully engrossed in the refurb work. Our renovation work on the workshop and toilet block facilities at Blacon Adventure Park includes:

  • Removing all existing plaster works and stud partitions
  • Erecting new stud partitions to form new office and workshop areas
  • Completely rewiring all electrics
  • Re-plastering throughout
  • Installation of new doors
  • Installation of new structural ties to existing brick work
  • Installation of a new kitchen area

Driving community development within the North West

The importance of community centres like the Blacon Adventure Playground in Chester cannot be overstated. Such facilities provide a place for people to visit and enjoy. By encouraging people to get involved in the development of enjoyable community centres and scheme, helps craft a strong community spirit and a sense of vision.

It is therefore vital that such community facilities are maintained and improved so they can continue to be enjoyed and benefitted from for many generations to come.

Revive Property Services are committed to helping communities make the most of their space and facilities through the preservation and maintenance of important community buildings like the facilities at Blacon Adventure Playground.

Our dedication to developing communities through preserving and improving community schemes and buildings is part of our wider commitment to deliver strong social values. Every member of Revive Property Services’ growing team prides themselves on being a valued member of the community in Liverpool and the North West. We continue to do our best to deliver a set of strong social values that benefit the whole of the community, particularly the most vulnerable.

If you own or manage a community facility in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Wigan or any area within the North West, and would like to the facility to be refurbished to an exceptionally high standard, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Revive Property Services.