Looking to extend your home in 2017? Contact Revive, domestic extension experts in the North West

Extending a property is a popular way to create additional space in a home without the stress, cost and upheaval of moving to a bigger house. Whether it’s a side extension, a loft conversion, a basement conversion or extending out the back, domestic extensions give homeowners the flexibility to upgrade their home without the inconvenience of selling and existing property and buying a new one.

Get the project in motion

If you are thinking about extending your home this year, now is a good time to get the project in motion. With the rain, wind and freezing temperatures showing little sign of diminishing, the summer might feel like a long way off, but as extensions can be lengthy, initiating the project now can help ensure it is complete, or at least ‘water tight’, before the end of the summer and the rain of autumn begins.

Talking to a professional, experienced and qualified property renovation company is the first point of call in the long road to having an extended home.

Quality domestic extensions in the North West

Revive Property Services are experienced in delivering high-quality domestic extensions that are finished on time, to standard, or even above standard, and to budget.

If you own a property in the North West or even further afield and would like to extend the building in 2017, get in touch with the friendly and professional team of property renovation experts at Revive.

Our team will be able to offer you advice and assistance in the design of the extension. Whether you decide to extend upwards, outwards or even downwards, we will help ensure you maximise the space the conversion will create, with maximum design and productivity impact.

The Revive Property Services team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the end product is a stylish and functional extension that is tailored to your specific needs and brings you the additional space and enjoyment from the property you are looking for.

Members of the National Federation of Builders

Revive appreciates that selecting the right building company to take on an extension project is vitally important. With Revive Property Services you can have peace of mind that all renovation and building work is in more than capable hands.

We are a proud member of the National Federation of Builders (NFB). Founded in the late 19th century, the NFB is the longest established trade association within the construction industry.

It is the NFB’s vision to help its members “build prosperous businesses and create optimal conditions for the construction industry.”

Being a member of such a credible and recognised builders association, ensures Revive remains up-to-date on all aspects of the building trade, including health and safety, environmental, technical and legal issues. Consequently, our clients can have peace of mind that all the renovation and construction work we carry out, is conducted in a safe, legal and conversant manner.

If you are favouring extending or renovating your home, opposed to moving during such an uncertain property climate, Revive Property Services are here to discuss all your renovation and extension requirements.

Get in touch with our professional, family-run property renovation team today, and get the ball rolling to have your stylish and functional extension complete by the end of the summer.